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A Smarter way to deliver a parcel for your eCommerce

Simplify your eCommerce parcel delivery operations with Swotzy and boost your business bottom line, one delivery at a time.

Your ecommerce shipping strategy- next level

With Swotzy shipping software you can choose the best fit carriers for your eCommerce deliveries without having to navigate complex contracts, integrations and relationships.

Access to key carriers in one place

Create shipments in seconds

Reduce parcel shipping costs

Ship globally with ease

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Making multi-shipping accessible to
all businesses

Whether big or small, local or global, our mission is to empower businesses of all shapes and sizes, making shipping services accessible to all.

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shipping Dashboard

A User friendly dashboard that allows create orders from various carriers, compare rates and request courier pickups with ease.

eCommerce platform Integrations

Integrations with leading eCommerce Platforms like Shopify, Etsy and others allow to import all orders and automate label purchase process.

Our solutions

For ever-evolving business needs

Shipping API

API integration allows your company to streamline your operations and fully automate product shipping process.

Click, Boom, Shipped!

Create your first shipment in less than 10 minutes. No complex contracts, no strings attached, just pure convenience and lightning-fast product delivery management for your business!

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