3D Vikings: Staying at the forefront of evolving 3D printing industry

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In the heart of Latvia, 3D Vikings is making waves in the world of e-commerce and product manufacturing. Founded in 2018 by Madars Langenfelds, 3D Vikings is an on-demand 3D printing and fulfillment service that challenges traditional manufacturing norms. Their mission? To democratize product creation, making it faster, more flexible, and accessible to everyone, without the barriers of high minimum order quantities and hefty upfront investments that plague traditional manufacturing.

Doing things better than the competition

3D Vikings seamlessly integrates with Etsy (with plans to connect more marketplaces in the near future), allowing sellers to automate order fulfillment. This means less manual work, faster shipping times, and happier customers. With a transparent pricing model and no minimum order requirements, 3D Vikings caters to businesses of all sizes.

The company's services extend beyond Etsy sellers. Inventors and product designers leverage 3D Vikings for rapid prototyping and short-run production, accelerating the journey from concept to market. This zero-risk manufacturing approach ensures that creators can test and validate their ideas without the financial burden of unsold inventory, a common pitfall in traditional manufacturing.

On a mission to bring innovative products to life

The brand’s customers fall into two primary categories. First, e-commerce businesses that are selling 3D printed products on demand. Second, inventors and product designers, using 3D Vikings for rapid prototyping and short-run production to validate their ideas. To keep offering customers zero-risk manufacturing, 3D Vikings have big goals for the future:

  • Expand to new markets, so products can be made locally.
  • Integrate AI to create and refine product designs.
  • Connect their services to other top e-commerce platforms.

''We'll continue to invest in our technology, infrastructure, and partnerships to make on-demand 3D printing more accessible and efficient than ever before.''

Madars Langenfelds, the founder of 3D Vikings

Passing on the shipping cost savings onto clients

Before joining Swotzy, 3D Vikings faced challenges with finding competitive shipping rates when comparing different shipping carriers manually. Especially for varying order sizes and destinations.

“The ability to quickly compare carrier rates has been a true game-changer for us. We've seen tangible cost savings on shipping, which we're able to pass on to our clients, making our services even more competitive.”

Madars Langenfelds, the founder of 3D Vikings

Madars also praised Swotzy’s intuitive design and automation tools saying they have allowed the company to save time, focus on growing the business, and serve their customers better. And that’s exactly why we do what we do.

The future of 3D printing

As 3D printing technology continues to evolve, 3D Vikings remains at the forefront of this exciting industry. They are dedicated to making on-demand 3D printing more accessible and efficient than ever before, democratising product creation and empowering creators of all levels. Whether you're an Etsy seller, a product designer, or an inventor with a brilliant idea, 3D Vikings is your partner in bringing your creations to life without the constraints of traditional manufacturing.

💡 To learn more about 3D Vikings and their services, visit their website at www.3dvikings.com.

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