A Year in Review – 2023

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The Dawn of a New Era

As we reflect on the year 2023, it's evident that it marked the true beginning of our journey at Swotzy. Though officially incorporated in 2022, this year was when our dreams started taking shape. The cornerstone of our success has been securing the financial backing necessary to realize our ambitious goals.

Securing the Lifeline: Funding and Acceleration

In March, we achieved our first major milestone by attracting initial funding of €90,000, propelling us into the Firstpick accelerator program. This initial boost was not just about the funds; it was a stepping stone towards our next goal: raising a substantial pre-seed round. Against the odds and exceeding expectations, by June, we had secured an impressive €500,000. This achievement, especially in the challenging landscape of startup financing, is a testament to the potential and promise of Swotzy.

Expanding Horizons: Product Launch and Market Penetration

This influx of capital enabled us to launch our product in Latvia, establishing a strong home base. We didn't stop there; we expanded into the Lithuanian market with a total of 6 active carriers on the platform and many more in the pipeline. This expansion is a significant stride in our mission to help eCommerce businesses across the globe.

Building a Dream Team

Our progress would have been impossible without our team, now 11-strong. We took a bold step by bringing in industry outsiders, a decision that has paid off by enriching our services with diverse perspectives and experiences. Our team boasts impressive credentials from companies like Printful, Nordigen, Longinesis, DPD, Accenture and others, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Swotzy.

Setting Roots: Our Home in Riga

Initially, our founders envisioned building the company in their hometown, Liepaja. However, the quest for talent led us to Riga, where we found a cozy office in the city center. This space has truly become our home, embodying the spirit and ambition of Swotzy.

Marketing Innovations and Media Recognition

2023 was also a year of significant strides in our marketing efforts. We launched a new website and initiated the development of a revamped platform with enhanced design and functionality. Our marketing achievements have been a source of immense pride, especially as Swotzy gained coverage in publications like Forbes, Labs of Latvia, Dienas Bizness, and several other European media outlets. This exposure has been crucial in amplifying our brand and mission.

Impressive Achievements: Our Customers

Since our platform's launch in August, we've helped 88 customers ship 9,000 parcels to 64 different countries. Our customer support has been a vital part of this journey, handling over 1,000 email exchanges. We take pride in our 89.7% customer satisfaction rating and our ability to respond to inquiries in just 35 minutes on average.

Community and Connections

Above all, the friendships and connections we've made this year have been invaluable. Participating in events like Slush, Tech Chill, and Startup Fair has not only amplified our presence but also enriched our journey with support and inspiration.

Looking Forward

As we bid farewell to 2023, we're filled with gratitude and excitement for the future. With a solid foundation and a dedicated team, Swotzy is poised for even greater achievements in the years to come. Stay tuned for our next chapter!

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