Companies should compete on product, not shipping: The idea behind Swotzy platform

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You've landed at Swotzy, and we're thrilled to welcome you to our community! Perhaps you're ready to optimise your business's last-mile delivery operations, or maybe you're just intrigued by what we do. No matter your reasons, we're glad you're here. 

Swotzy didn't materialise overnight. The platform you see today is the result of relentless determination, innovative thinking, and a whole lot of perseverance. We'd love to invite you on a journey back in time to understand our roots, our ethos, and how we evolved to become a forerunner in providing last-mile delivery solutions.

Where the Swotzy Journey Began

In every business venture, there's a defining moment when a realisation sparks an idea, and that idea gives birth to an enterprise. For Swotzy it all began in a small Northern European country named Latvia. Our founder, Lauris, while working at Printful (currently still the only Latvian Unicorn), started to spot inefficiencies in last-mile delivery. 

By looking deeper into the industry, Lauris realised that there were challenges not only for  large corporations alone; small businesses were equally affected. As Lauris delved deeper into the industry, he spotted a gap and envisioned a solution that could assist businesses globally. He noticed the current last-mile delivery methods were inefficient, with everyone constructing similar in-house solutions. 

Building in-house solutions in Lauris' opinion was ineffective, expensive, time-consuming, and diverted critical resources away from the core business functions. Even more after devoting these resources, companies still could not manage to fully optimise their shipping operations. Further, Lauris spotted a price gap between large and small companies, indicating an absence of fair competition in the market. Large firms were leveraging shipping as a strategic advantage. 

Surveying the industry landscape, Lauris discovered several businesses attempting to resolve these inefficiencies. While some prioritised achieving the lowest possible rates, customers still had to navigate the decision-making process regarding carrier selection. Other companies had unreliable systems, or limited coverage, each falling short of providing a holistic solution. 

This gap in the market was Lauris's eureka moment. He saw an opportunity to create a product that would simplify operations not just for major corporations but also for small business owners looking to scale their operations efficiently. Believing firmly that companies should compete on product and not shipping, the idea for Swotzy was born.

 A United Front 

Realising the magnitude of the problem, Lauris knew he needed a talented and dedicated team. The first person Lauris talked with was his long-time friend Kristians, who had had experience in several Latvian Startups and right away they decided to partner up. 

However, both of them had no IT background, while the solution to the problem was highly technical. That is the moment where Jekabs came into the play! Jekabs had been working together with Kristians at Nordigen and they remained friends ever since. Having an IT professional with business understanding was a rare find and there were no doubts about getting Jekabs in this venture. Soon enough the trio started to draft a plan, how to take on this massive problem, while all of them were holding full time jobs.

Swotzy Today 

Fast forward to the present day, and Swotzy has grown into a ten-person team, striving to conquer these challenges. Our mission is to level the playing field for all businesses, regardless of their size, by offering affordable and efficient last-mile delivery solutions. We’re constantly developing, with a long road of improvements and enhancements ahead of us. 

For Lauris, Kristians, and Jekabs, Swotzy is more than just a business - it's a mission to shape the shipping industry. It’s an endeavour to make shipping operations more efficient, affordable, and accessible for businesses, irrespective of their scale. As they look towards the future, there's palpable excitement about the potential that Swotzy holds. They are not just developing a product; they're shaping a vision that has the potential to redefine the landscape of business shipping.

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