Swotzy Gets €90,000 Boost to Shake Up Last-Mile Deliveries

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Swotzy is thrilled to announce that it has raised €90,000 in its first investment. This cash injection will help Swotzy grow its team, get its product to market faster, and ultimately make life easier for E-Commerce merchants who need last-mile delivery services.

The funding has been attracted from Lithuanian-based accelerator and venture capital fund FIRSTPICK, in which accelerator program Swotzy has respectively enrolled. With this extra cash, Swotzy can speed up its mission to create a one-stop platform for last-mile delivery, giving users the power to choose the best courier-post services for their needs.

"We're very happy about this investment! It shows that people believe in what we're doing and, most importantly, have trust in our team. With this initial funding, we really can take one big step forward and ensure our product reaches the market faster,” says Lauris Rutkis, co-founder and CEO of the company. “I am especially happy that this initial investment comes from FIRSTPICK, as it feels that we share the same drive and passion for making something meaningful and their team is contributing to our success already since the first day.

Swotzy's platform is all about making it simple for users to find the best-fit delivery options - cheapest, fastest, most sustainable - you name it. It brings together courier-post services, giving users an easy way to compare and use their services without signing contracts, integrating, or solving any other challenges in establishing a new partnership. For small businesses, Swotzy offers a simple UI where they can manually purchase shipping labels and request courier pickups; however, for more advanced companies, Swotzy will ensure API connectivity, cutting through the red tape and streamlining the logistics process.

"We are excited to announce our investment in Swotzy! Their innovative approach to last-mile delivery management and the seasoned team make them the perfect fit for our investment portfolio. We believe that Swotzy’s platform will be a game-changer for e-commerce sites and vendors, providing them with a link to last-mile delivery operators in a single integration instead of multiple. We are proud to support Swotzy in their mission to revolutionize the last-mile delivery management industry, and we look forward to seeing their continued growth and success!" says FIRSTPICK's Partner Andra Bagdonaite.

About Swotzy

Swotzy is an upcoming logistics startup on a mission to make last-mile delivery simple and, most importantly, accessible to everyone. Founded in August 2022 by Lauris Rutkis, Kristians Jenciuss, and Jekabs Hincenbergs, Swotzy's all about giving users and businesses an easy way to find the best courier-post services. By combining smart tech with industry smarts, Swotzy's ready to change the game for last-mile delivery.

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