Blue Shock Race – setting a world record and the standard for a sustainable future

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The Latvian company Blue Shock Race was founded in 2014 and has since become the world’s #1 player in the electric karting industry. The company offers high-quality, industrially produced electric power solutions to B2B clients and professional drivers.

Paving the way for an electric-powered future

Blue Shock Race is creating big changes in the world of karting, much like how Tesla revolutionized the car industry. Founded by Artis Daugins, who is inspired by Tesla's innovation. Artis has led various innovative projects, including making electric bikes and using Teslas for a taxi service. Now, he's shaking up the karting scene by introducing electric karts.

By providing an alternative to traditional petrol engines, Blue Shock Race is opening the doors to different kind of racing experience. This innovative technology has paved the way for the creation of an entirely new category of racing go-karts, ushering in a new era of electric karting competitions and championships. Moreover, the advancements brought by Blue Shock Race have greatly expanded the scope for go-kart entertainment centers, drawing in a wide range of customers excited to explore the remarkable speed and thrill of electric vehicles.

And the Blue Shock Race team knows exactly how to popularise it.

Breaking the world record

In the closing months of 2023, Blue Shock Race achieved a remarkable milestone by setting a new world record, reaching a top speed of 163 km/h (101.3 mph) with Swedish go-kart driver Leo Obrant at the helm. What makes this achievement even more impressive is that the record was set using a series-type, commercially available kart, not a custom-built model. This feat stands as an open invitation to those daring enough to attempt breaking this record, showcasing the incredible potential and performance of Blue Shock Race's electric karts.

Breaking the world record is a clever (and effective) marketing tool to showcase just how powerful the innovative electric batteries are.

“There’s no better way to showcase the full potential of Blue Shock Race team-designed power units than through the speed of karting.”

Raivo Kreicbergs, Chief Marketing Officer

And speed isn’t the only electric kart selling point. Blue Shock Race allows karting centers to buy fewer karts and use quick-swap batteries instead of buying many go-karts that work on gasoline and are costly to swap out.

Offering several batteries along with the go-karts ensures that the centers are always on the go. But on the rare occasions when there’s a need for spare parts, quick delivery is paramount. That’s where Swotzy comes in.

Shipping as a way to strengthen customer relationships

A big part of the business is B2B customers, karting centres worldwide, who buy off-the-shelf solutions. Blue Shock Race ships its products to over 37 countries—Italy, Monaco, South America, Japan, and Singapore to name a few.

With such a diverse and global customer base, fast, reliable, and cost-effective shipping can be a challenge. But Swotzy rises to the challenge.

“With Swotzy, we can find fast and much more affordable shipping options. We even cut our delivery cost exactly by half for a particular shipping service, which is impressive.”

Raivo Kreicbergs, Chief Marketing Officer

The Swotzy platform has allowed the company to save valuable time and money all while strengthening customer trust. In the case of Blue Shock Race, solid customer relationships are built by delivering a quality product and ensuring the businesses can run without interruptions.

“If the kart is not moving, our customers are losing money, so delivery speed can’t be underestimated to build long-term relationships with our customers.”

The Blue Shock Race has already established an astonishing track record and has even bigger plans for the future. The engineering team has several unique solutions in the prototyping phase. And the company has a vision of innovative, locally designed electric solutions and even building “an ultimate entertainment centre in North America where customers can fully experience the power of electric go-karts.”

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