I'm new on platform

How can I start using the Swotzy platform?

To start using the our platform, the first step would be to register on it by going to app.swotzy.com. We will kindly ask you to also add information about your company, which will allow you to create the first shipments very quickly and easily. Registration on the platform takes no more than 5 minutes.

Does it cost anything to use the platform?

No, using our platform is completely free. We offer access to all features and integrations without any charges. What's more, we provide the most competitive shipping rates without requiring any contracts, negotiations, or volume commitments. Simply register and start creating your shipments – it's that easy and efficient.

Who is platform meant for?

Our platform is suitable for e-commerce businesses and marketplace sellers, regardless of their size. Whether you're a large enterprise or an individual seller on popular marketplaces, our platform is equipped to meet your needs.

We currently handle shipping from the Baltic States to locations all over the world.


Where can I find shipping prices on the platform?

There are two ways to find shipping prices on the Swotzy platform:

  1. Go to app.swotzy.com/rates for a super quick cost estimates.
  2. For precise shipping prices, go to app.swotzy.com/shipment-create and create a new shipment to see all shipping rates and generate a shipping label.

How can we offer such affordable shipping rates?

Our platform offers better shipment rates by pooling together the shipments from your business and other e-commerce sellers. This collective approach generates larger overall shipment volumes, enabling us to secure more favorable terms with our shipping partners. As a result, you gain access to the same advantages typically reserved for large businesses with bigger shipping volumes.

How are the prices for my shipment calculated?

The cost of your shipment is calculated based on where you are sending the package From and To, as well as the dimensions of your parcel.

By entering this information, we will offer you a selection of shipping carrier service options. You can compare these options based on their price, delivery time, and other additional services included in each specific service.

How can I hand over my parcel to the shipping carrier I picked?

Once you have created your shipment, selected the best shipping service your shipment status will change to Ready. Now go to the Pickups section on the platform.

In this section, you can schedule a courier pickup for free. The courier will come to collect your prepared parcel on the reserved time slot.


If you prefer, you can also drop off your parcel at a nearby parcel locker yourself (for the shipping carriers that have parcel lockers), after printing out the shipping label from the Swotzy platform.

International shipments

Can I manage international shipments on the platform?

Yes, you can easily handle international shipments on the Swotzy platform, just like local deliveries. We offer worldwide shipping to all global destinations. Plus, you'll have multiple options to choose from, making your international shipping experience smooth and efficient.

How much does it cost to ship internationally?

You can easily check the rates for all international shipments on our platform. There are two ways to find shipping prices on the Swotzy platform:

  1. Go to app.swotzy.com/rates for a super quick cost estimates.
  2. For precise shipping prices, go to app.swotzy.com/shipment-create and create a new shipment to see all shipping rates and generate a shipping label.

How long does International delivery take?

The delivery time varies based on the shipping service you select. We display all delivery times and prices clearly, allowing you to choose a service that best meets your needs in terms of both cost and speed.

How are International deliveries handled?

The method of international delivery depends on the service you choose. Typically, more economical shipping options do not guarantee a specific type of delivery, whereas premium, higher-priced services often include door-to-door delivery. To understand the various options, we encourage you to explore the detailed descriptions of each shipping service.

Can I track my International shipments?

Yes, you can! Our platform shows you the latest shipping updates directly from the carrier, so you can easily keep track of your international shipments just like on the carrier's own website.

When do I need to fill out customs information?

If you plan to send your products outside your home market, it's essential to provide a precise description of the package's contents. This information is crucial and directly affects not only the customs duties but also the speed of delivery.

Often, incorrectly provided product information can significantly delay the delivery process or even halt it entirely.

When creating a new shipment for delivery outside your home market we will kindly ask you to provide information about items you plan to ship, including:

  • Product description
  • HS code
  • Commercial value of the product (excluding VAT)
  • Quantity of products in the shipment
  • Total weight of the package's contents

What should I do if my products are on the list of chemical and hazardous materials?

If your products fall under chemical and hazardous materials, please reach out to us - support@swotzy.com . This step enables our Swotzy team to efficiently coordinate with shipping carriers regarding your shipment's specific contents, streamlining the process and ensuring a smooth, delay-free delivery to your recipient.

Why is it necessary to provide information about items in International shipments?

Providing detailed information about items in international shipments is essential for customs compliance. It ensures your package clears customs smoothly, avoids unnecessary delays or penalties, and accurately calculates any duties or taxes. This information also helps to maintain the safety and security of your shipment, preventing the risk of transporting restricted or dangerous items.

Courier Pickup Service

How can I hand over my parcel?

Once you have prepared your shipment and selected the best shipper offer, go to the app.swotzy.com/pickups.

Here you can schedule a courier pickup for free. The courier will come to collect your parcel and scan your shipping label.

Do I have to pay for courier pickup services?

No, courier pickup is free. It's included in the price you see when creating a shipment, so you can easily schedule pickups without extra charges.

Who provides the pickup services?

The selected courier company whose service you have chosen will provide the pickup services. For example, if you arrange a shipment and choose Fedex, a Fedex courier will arrive when you schedule a pickup.

Where can I find the scheduled pickup dates and times?

Go to app.swotzy.com/pickups and press on the tab ACTIVE, here you will find all your scheduled courier pickups.

How do I cancel a scheduled courier pickup?

If you need to cancel a courier pickup that you've scheduled, go to the  ACTIVE tab on Pickups page and press on  Cancel icon.

If you want to schedule a new courier pickup for the shipment you've canceled, you can find it in the AVAILABLE tab on Pickups page.

How can I know that my parcel has been shipped?

The status of this shipment will change to Shipped.


Do I have to pay for every shipping label I create?

Feel free to create as many shipments as you need. You'll only be charged for a label when it's scanned by the courier or when you scan it at a parcel locker.

When are the costs for my shipments calculated?

All shipment costs are added up monthly. You'll get an invoice for shipments delivered by the end of each month.

When will I get the invoice for my shipments?

You'll receive an invoice by the 15th of the next month for all shipments delivered by the end of the previous month. For example, if you send 10 packages in March and 8 are delivered by March 31st, you'll get an invoice for those 8 by April 15th. The rest will be billed in your April invoice.

How do I get the invoice?

You will receive the invoice through the email address you've provided.

If I use different courier services, how will I receive the invoice?

All the courier services you've used will be consolidated into one invoice. We'll send this invoice to the email address you provided, once a month, by the 15th of the following month.

Why are my shipment costs different from what I initially purchased?

If your parcel has been successfully delivered, there could be two reasons for potential differences in shipping costs:

  1. If the actual weight or size of your parcel differs from the information you provided when creating a shipment.
  2. If you have opted to cover custom fees for international shipments.

If you notice any discrepancies, please don't hesitate to reach out to support@swotzy.com, and we will be happy to explain why your shipping costs may vary from your initial purchase on our platform.

Can't find the answer you need?

Don't worry! Our customer support team is here to help with any technical assistance or questions you have. Just drop us a message.