How to create a new shipment on the platform?

noformēt pakas sūtījumu platformā

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In this article, we'll guide you through each step for creating a new package shipment. With our platform, you have the flexibility to deliver shipments to recipients worldwide by selecting the courier service that suits you best. Plus, there's no limit to the number of package shipments you can create. The great news is that fees are only deducted once the shipment has been successfully delivered.

Where to find?

You can initiate the parcel shipment process with a simple and friendly step – just click the "Create Shipment" button on our platform. By clicking this button, you'll be directed to the section where you can easily begin creating a new shipment. It's that straightforward and user-friendly!

There is no limit to the number of shipments you can create. You will only be charged for shipments that have actually been delivered.

Ship From

In the Ship From section, enter information about the sender of the package (you or your company) from the saved address library, or enter it manually.

  • Name/Company Name: This is the name that will appear on the official shipping documents, including the shipping label.
  • Sender's Phone: Please provide a contact phone number for communication regarding this specific shipment, whether it's for our team or the courier.
  • Sender's Address: Include your street address, home address (if applicable), city, and zip code.

Ship To

Once you have filled your Sender Details it's time to move to your Recipient Details (the destination address for delivery).

Choose if the parcel will be delivered to a Company, Private Person or Parcel Shop. 

You have the option to enter the address manually, or if you have already saved it, choose from your address library.

Mandatory fields for the receiver details include (Private Person/Company)

  • Name and Surname or Company Name.
  • Phone Number.
  • Email.
  • Address, Country, City and Postal Code.

Mandatory fields for the receiver details include (Parcel Shop)

  • Name and Surname or Company Name.
  • Phone Number.
  • Email.
  • Pick one or several carriers whos parcel shops you wish to consider

  • Parcel Shop address: In the search field, start typing the desired address, according to which the parcel lockers of all marked couriers will appear.

Parcel parameters

The next crucial step is to enter the package dimensions and the total weight of the shipment as accurately as possible. These details have a direct impact on the calculation of the shipping price. Couriers pay close attention to this information, and if the specified size doesn't match their standard dimensions, it could lead to unexpected additional charges.

💡 Couriers can make mistakes too. So, by double-checking the dimensions and weights of your shipment yourself, you can make sure any added costs are fair. It's a simple way to stay in control of your shipping expenses.

Enter parameter manually

In the fields, enter the length of the package, which is always the longest side of the package, the width and height of the package.

  • If you're looking to send multiple packages to the same recipient simultaneously, it's easy to do! Just click the Add Package button or use the Duplicate this Package icon in the right corner.
  • Furthermore, you can save the details of the package you've entered for future use by clicking the Save in Package Library icon in the right corner.

Product details

If you're thinking about shipping your products internationally, it's essential to provide accurate details about the contents of your package. This information is not only crucial for determining import customs costs but also for ensuring speedy delivery. Incorrect product information can often cause significant delays or even halt the delivery process altogether.

To add product information, simply click the Add Items button.

After pressing the button, a new window will appear, inviting you to enter all the necessary product information.

💡 Once more, we want to stress the importance of entering precise information about your product. This will help ensure a speedy and reliable delivery process.

  • My Items: This feature allows you to quickly populate all the mandatory fields if you've previously saved your item details in the Settings section's Items library. We highly recommend using this feature, especially if you create shipments frequently;
  • Title/Description: Enter your product description. Customers do check this and compare it to your provided HS code. We suggest to use at least 2 or 3 words for this field;
  • Quantity: Please specify how many of the described items are in the parcel;
  • Price (per item): Please enter your product selling price (without VAT);
  • Weight (in total): Please enter total weight of item/s. Double check that your weights are as precise as possible. As this might change your shipment price after the shipment is created. All of the carriers weigh the items before shipping them.
  • Country of Origin: Please enter the Country in which the item has been produced. 
  • Category/ HS code: Make sure to carefully choose the correct HS code for your Item. We have provided a link to the European Customs portal, which will assist you in this step. 

Choose Carrier for your Shipment

A list of available delivery options will be displayed, complete with pricing and estimated delivery times.

Select the carrier of your choice and click the Create Label button to finalise your shipment. After pressing the button, a summary of the completed shipment will automatically open, for which you can immediately download the shipment label by pressing the yellow Download Label button.

💡 You can make your shipping even more convenient by printing multiple shipment labels later in the Shipments section of the platform. And if you need to make any adjustments to a specific shipment, just click on it and select the Edit option within the same section.

Schedule a courier pickup

Once you've completed creating your shipment, the next step is to schedule a courier pickup. The good news is that the prices listed on our platform already include this service, and it's absolutely free for all carrier services.

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