International shipping for small businesses

International shipping for small bsuinesses

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International shipping is quickly changing the face of e-commerce globally and is now a key growth catalyst. In the past six months, 57% of consumers online made a purchase from an international retailer, according to a Shopify poll, demonstrating the huge demand for international e-commerce.

In this blog article we will delve into importance of global e-commerce and what challenges businesses might face when choosing to enter a new market. Moreover, we will discuss what aspects small business should consider before start to offer international deliveries.

Why international shipping is important for e-commerce?

According to a forecast by eMarketer, the global ecommerce market expanded by 27.6% in 2020, with sales reaching $4.28 trillion. By 2024, internet sales are expected to represent 21.8% of all retail sales globally, according to the report. This highlights the vast opportunities available in global markets. Notably, businesses in the United Kingdom, Germany, and France are at the forefront of international shipping, highlighting the advantages of adopting a global ecommerce strategy. This change highlights the significant opportunity available to businesses willing to expand beyond their local boundaries.

International shipping is an extremely important business strategy that stimulates expansion. Your business obtains access to a global market by enabling worldwide package delivery, significantly expanding your consumer base. At the same time, your brand's reputation is improved by its global presence, establishing it as a trustworthy and competitive business. International shipping essentially expands the market for small e-commerce businesses, enabling them to compete on a worldwide scale and satisfying customers' demands for convenience and first-rate service. In today's internationally integrated ecommerce world, incorporating international shipping is the key to unlocking tremendous development prospects.

Is your business ready for international shipping?

It's important to think about whether or not your business is ready for international delivery. Below are essential factors to consider:

  • Market Research
    It's important to comprehend the global market. Determine prospective markets by analyzing their e-commerce trends and consumer behavior.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    Different nations have varying e-commerce regulations. Ensure that your business adheres to international laws and tariffs.
  • Marketing
    Customise your marketing strategies for global audiences. This comprises website localization, targeted advertising, and translation.
  • Customer Service
    Make sure your customer service can accommodate clients from throughout the world, taking into account various time zones and languages.

Partnering With the Right shipping provider

The success of your ecommerce business's worldwide goals largely depend on your choice of international shipping company. When it comes to cheapest, fastest, and most sustainable delivery services, Swotzy shipping software is an integral part of choosing the right carrier for your specific parcel delivery.

Swotzy is the ultimate ecommerce shipping solution that simplifies your product delivery operations and reduces your ecommerce international shipping costs. Through Swotzy shipping software you have an opportunity to access global shipping opportunities in a matter of a simple click.


The world is rapidly transforming into a global village, and businesses that welcome international shipping will reap the rewards. Before entering the global market, it is essential to undertake extensive market research, comprehend regulatory compliance, build effective marketing strategies, and, most importantly, form a partnership with a shipping company that will support your ecommerce growth every step of the way. So, are you equipped to take advantage of the global ecommerce opportunities that await you? With Swotzy as your international shipping partner, the entire globe is your market.

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