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Lancman Bags is a leading garment bag producer in the Baltics, specialising in custom-sewn protective bags for dancers, singers, and business travellers. All products are designed and manufactured locally in Latvia using waterproof fabric, featuring pockets for essential accessories and options for personalization.

High school project turns into growing business

Lancman Bags is a shining example of how 11th-grade students can turn a school project into a growing business. The journey began almost 10 years ago with 17-year-old Kristians Lancmanis and his team, who were inspired by the Latvian National Song and Dance Festival. They identified a unique opportunity to serve a niche but passionate group of customers - festival participants needing specialised care for their costumes

The innovative product idea led Lancman Bags to win 2nd place in the European Student Company finals in 2015.

This is an impressive achievement, as Lancman Bags remains the only Latvian student company to have ever won 2nd place in this competition.

Designed based on customer feedback

Spotting a target customer group is one thing, but building a product that perfectly serves their needs is something else. Kristians Lancmanis, founder of Lancman Bags, explains that the initial product was quickly redesigned based on customer feedback to create the version now available in their store.

''By taking into account the specific needs and behaviours of dancers and singers, we incorporated several small yet crucial elements into our product that make a real difference for our users.''

Kristians Lancmanis, Founder of Lancman Bags

For example, the product available to customers today includes features such as a removable pocket with integrated padding for items like sheet music and jewellery, which can also be used as a seating pad, dedicated shoe pockets, and other elements that make our product the perfect companion for busy dancers and singers travelling with their performance costumes.

Shipping to over 20 countries

Today, Lancman Bags' products are used daily by over 200 dance groups and choirs, with products shipped to more than 20 countries.

In the past two years, Lancman Bags has steadily grown into a successful e-commerce business, launching its own Shopify store and focusing on entering new export markets. Their website's checkout process is a prime example of how a simple and clean design works effectively, avoiding the complications of long and outdated parcel locker lists that are unfriendly for mobile users.

''We are truly happy with Swotzy's latest automation, which not only imports all our purchases but also automatically finds the closest parcel locker to the customer's specified address.''

Kristians Lancmanis, Founder of Lancman Bags

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