Luminesy: Worldwide delivery as a unique selling point

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The idea of Luminesy, a company selling premium lighting fixtures, came to be when the company’s founder, Reinis Gustavs Butka, was building and furnishing his own home and was disappointed by the available options.

“I realized that despite there being many strong players in the lighting and furnishing market, none appealed to me. The offering was very similar, and the physical shopping process was extremely time-consuming.”

Reinis Gustavs Butka, CEO of Luminesy

Encouraged by friends and family, Reinis founded Luminesy in 2019. In less than 5 years, the company has gone from an Etsy store to an industry leader in online lighting retail, selling to more than 50 countries worldwide.

“Most of our revenue comes from export sales. Our main export markets are the USA, Singapore, Australia, United Arab Emirates, England, and Germany.” Reinis Gustavs Butka, CEO of Luminesy

Two of their strongest USPs are a user-friendly website and worldwide delivery, which helps them to compete with other European brands who, in many cases, don’t offer shipping to further world regions.

Premium products require premium shipping

Luminesy focuses on selling premium design lighting and other high-value interior items. Plus, 70% of their customers are private buyers decorating their properties, and 30% are B2B clients, like architects and designers.

Premium shipping services are indispensable when handling high-value items and dealing with high-end buyers. It shows a brand’s dedication to quality and reliability, making every delivery a special event.

And Swotzy helps the brand build trust and satisfaction with each delivery.

Swotzy gives more time to focus on what matters

Before joining Swotzy, the brand was juggling 45 carriers looking for the best delivery options, manually entering customer addresses, and dealing with a range of other challenges. That took away valuable time from focusing on the backbone of the business—customer relations.

Because all of Luminesy’s sales come from their Shopify website, all the brand had to do was integrate it with Swotzy. No more hassle of manual entries, dealing with a series of shipping companies, or time-consuming search for the best deals. The process is simple and automatic.

“We find the Swotzy platform a super useful solution for reducing our shipping costs and also fulfilling customer purchases much faster. All we have to do is pick the best shipping rate offered to a specific destination.”

Luminesy has managed to double its revenue without growing the team. Swotzy has helped the brand improve the shipping management process and free up resources, so the team can focus on developing the company and enhancing customer experience.

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