How to schedule a courier Pickup?

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Congratulations on successfully creating your first product shipment on our platform! You can now find it in the Shipments section with the status Ready. This means you've generated a shipping label, which you can easily download, print, and attach to your parcel as the official shipping document.

Now, it's time to hand over your parcel to your selected shipping carrier to initiate the delivery process. We've made it even more convenient for you on our platform, as the cost of the courier pickup service is already included in your shipping fees. In this article, we will guide you through the simple steps to schedule a courier pickup for your parcels.

Where to find?

Coordinating your parcel Pickup is an essential part of the process. For this, we have created a dedicated Pickups page on the platform, accessible via the main navigation bar. The Pickups page is divided into two sections: Available for Pickup and Active Pickups. 

  • In Available Pickups section, you'll discover all the shipments you've created and for which you can easily schedule a courier pickup.
  • In the Active Pickups section, you'll find the shipments for which you've successfully scheduled a courier Pickup. In simpler terms, this is where you can track the scheduled times when the courier will arrive to collect your prepared package or packages.

How to schedule a Pickup

In Available Pickups section, you'll discover all the shipments you've created and for which you can easily schedule a courier pickup.

Select from a dropdown a carrier, which shipments you would like to see.

Once a carrier is chosen, related shipments will be displayed in the list. Select all or individual shipments for which you would like to schedule a courier Pickup. To schedule Pickup simply press on the button on the right corner Schedule Pick Up.

Choose your Pickup address and date when courier should come and pickup your prepared parcels, then press Schedule.
The shipments will then move to the Active section automatically in the Pickups page and will have status Waiting for Pick-up on Shipments section.

Where to find all scheduled Pickups?

The Active section displays scheduled pickup dates and times, as well as the collection address.

 💡 Please ensure your package is ready for collection at the specified date and time.

Couriers usually contact the sender prior to pickup.

How to cancel a scheduled Pickup?

If you need to cancel the pickup, you can do it by clicking on the cancel icon. A pop-up window will appear. Press Yes Cancel to cancel the scheduled pickup. Cancelled pickups will move the shipments back to the Available section, so you can schedule it later, if you wish. 

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