Selfnamed Changes the Rules of the Clean Beauty Industry

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No more enterprise-level game rules

Selfnamed is a Latvian startup that has opened up an enterprise-dominated space to beauty industry professionals and skincare enthusiasts who want to start their own clean beauty product line. 

A group of dedicated skincare and marketing experts has created a self-service platform that allows users to pick a formula, personalize the packaging, and either start dropshipping the products or order them in any quantity. The launch can be done in a few days if you have a brand (design ID).

One API to rule them all

As Selfnamed was starting out, it had API integrations with several carriers, often chasing parcels with multiple shipping partners. With Swotzy, the company has completely automated its shipping process, significantly optimizing its resource management. Now, the startup has to deal with just one point of contact that handles all shipping processes. And does it reliably.

“Communication with Swotzy stands out in speed and responsiveness, with responses often measured in hours instead of days. The interaction is proactive, positive, and always focused on finding the best solutions.”

Kristaps Birmanis, Head of Marketing and Business Development

Being a fresh startup with limited shipping volumes, Selfnamed benefits from Swotzy’s better pricing options. They can enjoy all the perks typically reserved for enterprise or high-volume shipping customers. And the resources saved have propelled the business into record-fast growth.

Doubling business in a year

Selfnamed launched its platform in March 2022 with a clear mission—create a one-stop platform that lets clean beauty entrepreneurs focus only on marketing and sales, not the sourcing of packaging or formula manufacturing. 

“We really do care about helping the little guy, and we really do care to deliver the best possible product for both the skin and the environment. We don’t cut corners when it comes to sustainability.”

Kristaps Birmanis, Head of Marketing and Business Development

And the market clearly loves it—the Selfnamed startup has doubled its sales and shipping volumes without encountering any bottlenecks, all while using the same resources. And Swotzy played a crucial role in efficiently scaling their business.

As Kristaps Birkmanis says: “Swotzy has been instrumental in helping Selfnamed access non-traditional markets, like the UK.” The startup currently serves customers in 30 countries, including the UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, and the USA, and has big goals for the future.

Swotzy is excited to see what the future holds for Selfnamed, and we’re proud to be part of their growth.

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