Shopify Integration

Faster Shipment Processing

Transform your Shopify purchases into ready-to-ship labels with ease. Simplify your delivery process, making every order a smooth experience for you and your customers.

For your e-commerce growth

Sync Your Shopify Orders

Import all Shopify purchases into the Swotzy platform, filling in all the necessary fields to swiftly create a new shipment.

Better shipping rates

Save up to 60% on your shipping by finding the most cost-effective shipping service for each individual parcel delivery.

Free pickup services

Create shipping label and schedule a courier pickup without any additional charges.

User Manual

How to get started

Effortlessly integrate Shopify with Swotzy in just a few simple steps. We have created a step by step guide how which will help you to connect both platforms in just a couple of minutes and automate your shipping management process.

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How it works?

Every customer purchase is seamlessly forwarded to our platform, providing you with the convenience to select from the most suitable shipping services for each and every shipment.

Choose most suitable shipping partner

Every purchase made in your Shopify store will be automatically processed as a new shipment in ourplatform. All you need to do is choose the most cost-effective courier service.

Create and Print Shipping Labels

Seamlessly purchase and print shipping labels from top regional shipping partners. Enhance your efficiency by printing labels in bulk, streamlining your shipping process.

Schedule a Courier Pickup

Once you've created the shipping label, effortlessly schedule the most suitable time for the courier's pickup. Enjoy this service at no extra cost on our platform.

Add your Shopify store

Our platform and integrations are free of charge