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Tiny Bunny is a Latvian brand that was founded back in 2016. It specialises in minimalistic and tasteful clothes for kids, made from organic, natural materials. Every garment is made in Latvia; even the prints are made from individual hand-drawn illustrations.

Developing a brand before the products

Tiny Bunny started with a dream back in 2010 when its founder, Ilva Kauliņa, was working at a Zara store. Inspired by the clothes in the store's children's section, Ilva dreamed of making something special of her own. It seemed like a far-off dream, but she made it happen. In 2016, Ilva launched the Tiny Bunny brand with her very first collection of children’s clothing.

The company’s journey began with a focus on brand development before the actual products. In the brands’ early days Ilva was making the garments herself for the children of her friends. Fast forward to today, and Tiny Bunny has a strong customer base here in Latvia and all over the world.

The production process has evolved significantly. Nowadays, all the designs and products are meticulously planned a year in advance, to ensure a streamlined and efficient manufacturing process. Customers adore Tiny Bunny’s garments - each piece is made from breathable, organic materials and created with love, care, and attention to detail.

Made in Latvia, sold all over the world

Tiny Bunny’s customer base consists of private buyers coming from their internet store and B2B clients, including children’s concept stores worldwide. To expand its reach and forge new B2B partnerships, the Latvian brand actively participates in trade exhibitions, showcasing its latest collections

What’s the secret to Tiny Bunny’s success? Ilva says the answer varies depending on location. Here in Latvia, the brand wins over customers’ hearts with warmth and sincerity. Internationally, the quality of products is what steals the spotlight. 

Notably, all of Tiny Bunny’s offerings are designed and produced in Latvia, underscoring the brand’s commitment to local craftsmanship and quality.

Entering new markets with Swotzy

Brand’s founder Ilva says one of the driving factors of choosing Swotzy was the option to streamline delivery management with key local shipping partners. But equally important were the company’s ambitions of expanding into new export markets. 

Tiny Bunny already ships its products all over Europe, the United Kingdom, North America, and Canada. What market is next on the list? China.

Companies who have tried to enter such huge, competitive markets know that the success depends on marginal wins. Shipping rates is one of those things. And partnering with Swotzy has given Tiny Bunny a competitive edge thanks to the ability to lower the shipping rates.

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