Zuze Pet – turning a hobby into a steadily growing business

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Zuze Pet is a small Latvian pottery workshop, where Jogita Kristiņa creates unique, handmade, and functional ceramic dishes for four-legged companions. The boutique ceramics business mainly offers pet owners dishes, slow feeder bowls, and ash urns.

From bookkeeping to ceramics

The store owner, Jogita Kristiņa, had established a career as a bookkeeper but decided to turn her life around and joined The Art Academy of Latvia in the Ceramic Department. There, she found a real passion for pottery and eventually opened her own ceramic studio, Jogita Art Studio.
The transition from a hobby to a full-time job didn’t happen overnight, it was a slow and gradual process.

Narrowing down the niche

At first, Jogita experimented and created all types of ceramic pieces. But she soon discovered a niche for herself in crafting functional pet pieces, like pet urns and unique feeding bowls for cats and dogs.

“After analysing available offerings both in the local market and the offering on Etsy marketplace, I decided to turn the focus on this specific niche. That’s when Zuze Pets was born.”

Jogita Kristiņa, the founder of Zuze Pet.

Now, Jogita and her trusted partner Pepe are building the brand and online presence, primarily on Etsy. Their creations resonate with customers who consider their cats and dogs to be cherished members of the family. Although Jogita is an artist, she admits that when talking about business growth all emotions must be put aside.

“If some products aren’t popular, it can’t be taken to heart. Instead, analyse what could be improved and continue to experiment and test what else could work and become popular.”

It’s this pragmatic thinking that led Jogita to Swotzy.

Finding a trusted partner in Swotzy

Initially, it was the lower shipping prices that encouraged Jogita to test the platform, but she quickly realised that creating shipments on the Swotzy platform saved her time.

“Creating a new shipment from any of the top shipping carriers is super easy and fast, and I don’t have to sign any contracts with each shipping carrier separately.”

Jogita Kristiņa, the founder of Zuze Pet

Zuze Pet’s main customer base comes from the UK and USA, but the company also ships to Australia and several European countries. With such a wide customer base, it’s handy to have a straightforward, intuitive tool with a
customer-focused team behind it.

“I truly appreciate the friendly and helpful attitude from all of Swotzy team members. The Swotzy team is super, super friendly and it really is refreshing.”

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